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I’ve moved to a new site.

Posted by Jeff Miller on September 18, 2008

Please check out Business Credit Tips for a continuation of my posts and the list of valid business credit programs that I’ve found.


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Who needs the credit score?

Posted by Jeff Miller on August 4, 2008

For business lines of credit, the key position seems to be the CFO. All of the lenders look at the CFO and the CFO has to sign for any credit (though after 18-24 months the CFO can usually be taken off).

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My journey into the realm of Business Credit

Posted by Jeff Miller on July 19, 2008

I’ve been exploring methods of obtaining business credit for 2 years now. Until recently, I’ve run into nothing but roadblocks and scams. Fortunately, I haven’t been taken in by any of the scams. Other’s I know have not been so fortunate.

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