Business Credit Tips

My journey into the world of starting and maintaining business and corporate credit.


My name is Jeff Miller.

I have a degree in Economics and an MBA. I was an IT manager for a financial institution for 12 years before moving into real estate investing. I started running out of lending option based on my personal credit. It use to be 10 loans max but many institutions are moving to a 4 year max. So, I started looking for business lines of credit since they do not show up on your personal credit report.

Since I began my search, I have found many institutions that will only deal with large, established corporations and many scam artists. There are companies out there who will work with those starting their own corporations. In fact, I’ve been able to find a few that will help you set up your business to maximize your ability to obtain business credit. As I learn, I will be posting here.

I hope you can learn from my bumbling around.

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